• Taking edge computing and artificial intelligence as the core technology

    Provide digital collection services and scenario applications of production factors for small and medium-sized enterprises

    End edge Internet of things platform based on multi scenario application

    Deploy the Internet of things platform in the cloud or locally to realize single point deployment or cluster deployment, so as to match various application scenarios

    Qili digital technology enables enterprises to have a new future

    At present, the research results of our team have been applied to energy consumption monitoring, unattended weighing, pest monitoring, intelligent water conservancy and intelligent agriculture

    Our Services
    Qili Digital ? Open the Era of Industrial Internet
    • Simplified and convenient
      It simplifies the deployment and implementation of production factor data collection and application development in various industries and links in the Internet of things scenario
    • Flexible data
      Compared with the traditional Internet of things scenario, the project adopts micro service architecture in the design and implementation of Internet of things edge gateway and platform
    • Intelligent linkage
      The end-to-end Internet of things platform can ensure stable device connection and safe and effective data persistence
    • Quick response
      It can adapt to sub second fast response and high parallel Internet of things scenarios
    • Safe and efficient
      High availability, cluster deployment, automatic expansion
    • Key application industries
      Provide energy consumption diagnosis services for key energy consuming enterprises and institutions, alleviate energy pressure and promote units to improve energy-saving operation management level


    Qili Digital Technology Changzhou Co., Ltd., located in Jintan District, Changzhou City, is a technology company born for digital services. Based on the cutting-edge technologies of the times such as software development, data technology, artificial intelligence and Internet of things, the company has established and developed core digital management ability...

    Matching applicable to various scenarios



    A sewage treatment plant in Jiangsu

    The layout is scattered, so there is a large demand for sewage treatment operation and maintenance personnel, low data statistics efficiency and poor accuracy.

    Classic cases of agricultural industry

    The Internet of things technology is used for real-time monitoring of the field, and data collection is carried out for the environment such as light, CO2, soil temperature and humidity, soil pH value and field climate

    A power industry management platform

    Help power enterprise operators realize digital transformation, reduce risks, alleviate energy pressure, optimize performance and speed up crisis response



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